A Party of Decency

Allen Johnson Jr.

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Published on:
July 13, 2020

Most Americans are decent.

Most of us have some common sense, kindness and integrity . . . In other words, decency. People like us are in the majority. This explains why there are currently more Independents than Democrats or Republicans. The two parties, however, have the power, because they are organized. Sadly, both the Democrat and Republican parties are corrupt. When it comes to voting, currently, Independents are reduced to voting within the confines of candidates selected by two corrupt parties. This must change. If we are to reform our democracy, we must organize as a third-party, a “party of decency.” We must drop the old, divisive liberal versus conservative (left versus right) way of thinking. Some problems need liberal solutions and some problems need conservative solutions. A party of decency must select candidates based on their character and not on some simplistic black-and-white, us-versus-them way of thinking.

Only by organizing decent Americans (Independents), will we be able to reform our democracy.

We are used to third party efforts creating minority parties that can only be spoilers in an election, but now Independents are a solid majority. By organizing a third party with focus on candidates’ character rather than on issues, and with powerful leadership, we can create a majority third party and take back our government.

Within the population of decent Americans, there are many with powerful leadership gifts. We never find them running for office. They refuse to participate in the corruptRepublican/Democrat system. Our best leaders are sitting on the sidelines! A third-party. . .  a party built on commonsense, kindness and integrity will give them a way to participate in reforming our democracy.

Of course, a third-party that is able to attract the support of Independents will never happen until one gifted leader steps up and starts it. Such a leader must be motivated to serve. You know who you are! I challenge you to come forward!

We, the decent people of America, the majority . . . Are waiting to help!