The Congressional Culture of Contempt

—Allen Johnson Jr., Chairman and Founder

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Published on:
October 9, 2019

From 1933 to 1942, there was a public works program called the CCC, an abbreviation for Civilian Conservation Corps. In our time, CCC stands for Congressional Culture of Contempt.

Every organization develops its own culture, a set of unwritten rules, norms and values that guides the behavior of each member of the organization. Organizations that develop a positive, human, ethical and caring culture function well. Organizations that develop a negative, unethical, uncaring, dog-eat-dog culture barely function at all.

In his beautifully reasoned book, Love Your Enemies, Arthur C. Brooks refers to a Culture of Contempt that is developing in our country and points out that Congress has also fallen victim to this kind of negative thinking. Increasingly, Democrats and Republicans have extreme negative views of each other. This Congressional Culture of Contempt has resulted in the almost total paralysis of Congress. They have made almost no progress in solving the major problems that currently plague our country.

Who is responsible for the Congressional Culture of Contempt? We are! In the United States of America, we the people are the Boss. Harry Truman used to say, “The buck stops here!” In reality, the buck stops with the people and, we allowed the Congressional Culture of Contempt to develop. We the people, therefore, need to confront and remedy this paralyzing problem.

So — In addition to the Term Limit Pledge, using our same VIBE mechanism—our foundation has developed a second pledge called the "WORK Pledge" in which a candidate pledges to help change the Congressional Culture of Contempt to a Congressional Culture of Cooperation.

The two pledges compliment and strengthen each other!

You can download the Work Pledge signature kit here.

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