Hating Politicians

Allen Johnson Jr.

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Published on:
November 13, 2020


Do you want to poison up your mind? Hate somebody.

Hate is toxic.

Probably the most futile dose of hate you can give yourself is hating a politician (someone in government). The politician knows nothing of your feelings for him or her and is therefore totally immune to your hatred. All the poison remains in you. How can one avoid hating a politician whose ideas are exactly opposite from your own?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg had an answer. She was asked how she—a diehard liberal—could have been friends with Anthony Scalia—a diehard conservative. (They cared deeply about each other.) She said it was because — Scalia had told her: “I attack ideas, not people.” I took a different approach:

Recently I began to develop some negative feelings towards an extremely unlikable congresswoman. At one point, I realized that my feelings about her were approaching hatred. I knew I had to get rid of them Here is my spiritual trick:

I conjured up a mental image of her, put my right arm across her shoulders, smiled at her and gave her a little mental hug. The hatred was gone! Love is the antidote. My beliefs and values are still completely opposite from those of this woman, but I cleared out the poison.

I hate nobody! I may not be the smartest guy in the world, but . . . I’m smart enough not to poison up my own mind. By the way, Fear and Hate create each other. They are equally toxic.

Everything must be grounded in Love!          

—Allen Johnson Jr.

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