Never Complain!

“Complaining about a problem, without posing a solution is called whining.” -Theodore Roosevelt
—Allen Johnson Jr., Chairman and Founder

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Published on:
November 4, 2019

"Complaining about a problem without offering a solution is called whining." This quote from Pres. Theodore Roosevelt says it all! Complaining is cowardly. To see this, substitute the word “whining” for “complaining.” If you don’t like something, don’t sit around complaining (whining) about it; do something positive about it! Take action!

Consider the politicians you see on television complaining how wrong or unfair the other side is. If you listen to this stuff for very long, you will hear the same nagging complaints over and over, ad nauseam. Every complaint is nothing more than an admission of how helpless the complainer is. Every complaining politician is really admitting over and over that he or she lacks the courage, strength or imagination to take positive action to make things better.

Ironically, street demonstrations do not constitute taking action. Street demonstrations are merely collective whining. They do nothing positive to make things better.

Even the most thoughtful, insightful commentators are doing little more than complaining. Unless they show their audience how to take action, they have contributed nothing positive to correct our national problems.  There are two problems that underlie all the others:

1. The first major national problem is the question of ISSUES VERSUS CHARACTER. We are currently electing representatives to Congress on the basis of what they say they are going to do about the issues. They can talk a good game, but once elected, they often don’t do squat!. Our basis for choosing a candidate should be the candidate’s character. Does the candidate have good character? This means:

2. The second major national problem that we face is the fact that OUR POLITICAL SYSTEM HAS BECOME TWISTED. It is no longer responsive to the people. Our political system is now responsive to big-money, special interests and the needs of an elite group of professional politicians and their parties (the Democrat Party and the Republican Party).

Our political system is closed and the people have been shut out, but, If we choose high quality candidates of good character, we will have solved the first problem. Once we have high quality people in Congress, they will solve the second! There is a way we can get ahead of these two problem: VIBE--Voter Influence Before Election.

The tool you can use for this is:





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