Our Hidden Agenda

—Allen Johnson Jr., Chairman and Founder

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Published on:
November 19, 2019

You would think that an organization called TermLimitPledge.org would have one goal: to establish term limits for Congress... and we do! There is a hidden agenda, however.

We the people want our representatives and senators in Congress to be amateurs. The word amateur comes from the Latin verb “to love.” An amateur is one who loves, in this case, our country. Every candidate who signs a term limit pledge declares that he or she is an amateur who loves our country enough to want to serve the people.  Here is the rub: for every amateur we elect to Congress, a professional politician (incumbent) must be defeated — thus Our Hidden Agenda: to end the entire class of professional politicians in Congress.

It is very difficult to unseat an incumbent. 90 percent of incumbents are reelected. This 90 percent reelection rate has made it possible for representatives (and senators) to build long-term careers as professional politicians. That was before the term limit pledge, however! Term limits are so popular with the American people that a signed term limit pledge is a game changer in an election. A candidate who signs the term limit pledge can pick up 7 to 10 percent support in an election. In many cases this is enough to unseat an incumbent!

How do we know this?

We are blessed to have Steve Bosch as our Executive Director. For 15 years, Steve, and his company, Brand Truth, did market research for some of America’s biggest companies. His research methods were so accurate that his metrics were relied on by companies such as Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Nintendo, Nike and Coca-Cola. In the first study he did on the potential impact of the term limit pledge, Steve interviewed over 1200 people. The results of this study clearly showed a 7 to 10 percent gain in an election... A game changer!

Clearly we are going to have to educate our candidates that the Term Limit Pledge is a powerful tool to help them unseat the incumbent they are running against. Once this is fully understood, we will be well on the way to achieving our hidden agenda: the elimination of the entire class of professional politicians in Congress.

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