Term Limits Provide the Missing Right

—Allen Johnson Jr., Chairman and Founder

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Published on:
July 15, 2019

In the long, complicated political history of humanity, it is clear that we have not found a system of governing that is sure to benefit the common good. The political history of humanity contains one long attempt to devise a system that will protect the people from tyrannical leadership.

Our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments to the Constitution) are the most successful experiment thus far, in devising such a system. The rights in the Bill of Rights, however, are all designed to protect us from tyrannical governmental abuse. The founders were in the process of breaking away from the tyrannical British Empire. Their focus was naturally, and rightly, on devising a system that would protect against tyranny. They did an admirable job of this but did not see far enough into the future to protect against a Congress containing many self-serving, elected representatives who are motivated by a lust for money, power and fame. Our Congress is now mostly millionaire—professional politicians who work to advance their own interests while neglecting the interests of the American people. This negative situation exists because of THE MISSING RIGHT:


Alas, we cannot go back in time and insert this right into the Constitution, but there is a way to stop those who are selfishly motivated from running for Congress: Term Limits! If Congressmen are limited to three terms in the House and two terms in the Senate... and if the problem of selling influence for personal financial gain (lobbying) is fixed, it will be impossible to make a career out of Congress. The entire class of exploitive, professional politicians will disappear. Our government will start to work for the people once again! While we must solve the problem of lobbying, the first challenge we face is to achieve Term Limits for those in Congress.

The polls show roughly 80 percent of voters want congressional term limits. Our representatives know this. If they were motivated to serve the people (give us what we want), they would’ve legislated term limits many years ago. The fact that we do not have what 80 percent of us want, makes it obvious that our representatives are motivated to serve themselves, not the people.

Who are the leaders in the United States? We are! “We, the people.” In a government of the people, for the people and by the people, “we, the people are the leaders. Is it enough that we vote? No! We need to assert our leadership earlier in the process to assure that the right kind of people are chosen to.

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