The Power of a Pledge

—Allen Johnson Jr., Chairman and Founder

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Published on:
November 3, 2019

Grover Norquist was the first to recognize and use THE POWER OF A PLEDGE.

In 1986, Norquist, a dynamic, far-seeing, young political activist, with the support of President Ronald Reagan, founded Americans for Tax Reform. He connected political candidates to their constituents with a powerful pledge: The Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Once signed by a candidate, the pledge became a binding contract with his or her constituents to never vote to raise taxes.

Today the pledge is offered to every candidate running for state and federal office and to all incumbents. Nearly 1,400 elected officials—from state representatives to governors to Senators and members of the House of Representatives—have signed the pledge.

When a candidate signs a written pledge, the candidate has made a formal promise to his or her constituents. The candidate’s honor as an honest human being is ON THE LINE. This formal, contractual connection between candidate and constituents is nearly impossible to break. Therein lies THE POWER OF A PLEDGE!

Now, the voters—with the help of—can use the same kind of tool to achieve term limits, one candidate at a time.

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