Voter Influence Before Elections

—Allen Johnson Jr., Chairman and Founder

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Published on:
August 10, 2019

Government of the people, by the people, and for the people?


We (the people) get to vote, but the choice of candidates is essentially controlled by the two parties, special interests, and large donors. We (the people) have been marginalized and rendered powerless.

Using contemporary technology and the internet, our foundation, the Serve the People Foundation, has created a revolutionary way to re-empower the people. We call our attempt to return power to the people, “VIBE,” an acronym for Voter Influence Before Elections. Under the VIBE strategy we are creating tools in the form of pledges to empower the people.

The first tool, the Term Limit Pledge, helps assure that a candidate is motivated to serve the people. Thanks to the internet, has the potential to reach 240 million eligible voters (any voter can ask their candidate to sign the Term Limit Pledge! Research shows that a candidate who “signs the pledge” will gain an extra 4% - 10% range boost in their election vs. an incumbent who hasn’t made a Term Limit Pledge.

We will publicize all signed pledges --- and the name of any candidate who defaults --- on the Term Limit Pledge website (and other media platforms) for all the world to see.

A success with in the next election, will be a game changer! We will have proved the validity of the VIBE strategy to empower the people.

In addition to the Term Limit Pledge, Serve The People Foundation has developed a new pledge dedicated to enhancing civility between the two parties (See “The WORK Pledge” under the “Get Involved” tab at

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