We Own Our Democracy

A Case for Self-Limiting Term Limit Pledges
Allen Johnson Jr.

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Published on:
June 16, 2020

In 1863, Abe Lincoln called ours a “government of THE PEOPLE, by THE PEOPLE, and for THE PEOPLE.”

He was reminding us that OUR democracy belongs to US. It belongs to ALL of us TOGETHER.

In this sense we are like a family and our government can be thought of as a family-owned business. At first glance, this may seem far-fetched, but the comparison of the United States Congress to a family-owned business provides key insights into what has gone wrong and how to fix it.

Great family-owned businesses are birthed with simple and profound values that are internalized by employees and management and manifest in their behavior. These simple and profound values are a set of truths that everyone in the organization lives by.  These core values govern everything and eventually emerge as a “culture of service”. Members of such a company serve each other, their customers and their communities. It sounds like an impossible generalization, but after decades of experience in tracking this phenomenon, I am convinced that it is absolutely true.

Family-ownership of such a business provides the continuity to preserve and nurture the culture of service long term.

The founders intended that our Congress be run like a family-owned business (the family being the people). When an organization is grounded in simple and profound values – that organization automatically shifts from an inward to an outward focus. That outward focus can be identified as a Culture of Service.

The fact is that “We – The Family”, all of us together, are the owners of Congress. It does NOT belong to the “few” - the untouchables in Congress, that embrace a system that practically guarantees them a job for the rest of their lives!

The fact is that OVER 92% of incumbents WIN RE-ELECTION! How can that be when only 10 – 15% of us think they are doing their jobs well? The reason is that the two parties have “BAKED-IN” huge advantages designed to keep incumbents in office for decades. This has created a group of professional politicians and transformed the Congressional culture of service into a Congressional Culture of Contempt (for each other and for the people). This culture of contempt means that Democrats and Republicans cannot work together for the good of the people. The people (the family) could not preserve the culture of service because they have been edged out by professional politicians in favor of special interests, and big money.

In other words, the professional politicians of both parties care more about power than they do about serving the People. They need to be informed that “we – the family” own our democracy, not them.

The only people who deserve to be our representatives in Congress are the ones who understand that government belongs to The People.

The Solution: a self-limiting Term Limit Pledge. It’s a simple tool that empowers any voter with the ability to get involved and take the reins of the family business back from career politicians. When a candidate signs the Term Limit Pledge he or she is not only pledging to limit their time in office, but they are also committing to serve in the public’s interest instead of their own.

If you would like to get started today, simply download the Term Limit Pledge signature kit and follow the included instructions. Just one pledge could change our country for the better!

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