PRESS RELEASE: How to Use the Term Limit Pledge During COVID-19

Term Limit Pledge: A powerful e-advocacy tool for citizens to fight for change while staying safe.

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KIRKLAND, Wash., May 12, 2020 - In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, citizens are being forced to choose between standing up for their rights and protecting the health of themselves and their loved ones. Today, unveiled a new video explaining how its powerful e-advocacy tool, the "Term Limit Pledge," can be used by anyone to help make Congress more representative of 'We the People' even if they are staying home.

A Term Limit Pledge requires Congressional candidates to self-limit their time in office to three terms in the House and two terms in the Senate.

"Our country is at a turning point and we need Congress to be better than it has ever been. The one way to make candidates and government officials more accountable to voters this election is to make them take the Term Limit Pledge!" said Stephen Bosch, Co-Founder and Executive Director of


According to numerous polls, more than 80% of eligible voters want term limits for members of Congress. And now, by using the Term Limit Pledge, just a single voter can have a major impact on the 2020 election.

Research has shown Senate and House candidates who "take the Term Limit Pledge" can gain an extra 7-10% of the popular vote! (Source: 2018 Congressional Voter Research)

A Term Limit Pledge takes just three easy steps

Here's how, in just three simple steps, anyone can take an active part in ensuring we live in a representative democracy during this extraordinary time:

  1. First, download the pledge from
  2. Next, send the pledge to a House or Senate candidate of choice and the signed pledge is verified by
  3. Finally, a record of those who signed or refused to sign will be kept on so voters can better decide in November who should represent them in Congress.

We believe in the founders' vision of a representative democracy that elects representatives who serve the people for a limited amount of time in Congress and return to private life afterwards.

Stephen Bosch, Executive Director
[email protected]
(425) 658-3470