Term Limit Pledge is about... VIBE

V - Voter. I - Influence. B - Before. E - Elections.

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VIBE is a whole new way of choosing candidates. It focuses on the quality (the integrity, motivation, intelligence and civility) of candidates rather than on issues. Issues are divisive . . . addressed along party lines. Vibe is uniting and can be embraced by Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

Our nation is rich in quality leaders. If the voters can put men and women of quality into Congress, the issues will be solved for the common good!

Here is how VIBE works:  


You are the only person that matters in our political process.

Here’s the problem: While, you, the voter, matter, you usually only get to choose one of two candidates. What if they are both bad? You, the voter, need to be able to have influence over the quality of the candidates who are running for office. How do you define a quality candidate of good character?Here are four key qualities:

Properly motivated – must be motivated to serve the people.

Integrity –must keep his or her word.

Skilled problem-solver – must be far-sighted.. . able to think long-term for the common good.

Civility – must have the ability to get along with members of the opposing party in order to craft compromises for the common good. 


How can we influence the choice of quality candidates of good character before the elections? With a pledge. Thanks to the internet, any voter can now ask any candidate to publicly sign a pledge that indicates the quality of his or her character. The internet also makes it possible to publicize such a signing so that a candidate can be held accountable if he or she fails to live up to the pledge. ServeThePeople.Org is committed to creating such pledge mechanisms and making them available to the voter. Our first such creation, The Term Limit Pledge, focuses on selecting candidates who are properly motivated – motivated to serve the people.

Polls show that roughly 80% of voters want Term Limits. When a candidate signs the Term Limit Pledge (which includes a pledge not to lobby) , the candidate is honoring what the voter wants and revealing that he or she is motivated to serve, not motivated to create a career in Congress.


Timing is everything. To be effective, voter influence must kick in before elections.


The choosing process we are going to preempt!