Voter's Guide for Choosing a Candidate

As part of that process, it is essential that we begin to choose candidates who are high quality people.

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As part of the “Voter’s Guide,” we are working to provide linked data to aid voters in determining who is running for U.S. Congress in 2020 and their contact information. Data sources will include the U.S. Federal Elections Commission as well as individual state websites of the Secretaries of State.


When choosing candidates for Congress, it is essential that we all begin to choose high quality people. Put good character before all else!

In Congress:

  • There are some members who truly want to serve the People, but there are way too many who want to serve themselves.
  • There are some members who have integrity, but there are way too many who don’t.
  • There are some intelligent members, but there are way too many of low intelligence.
  • There are some members who are civil towards their opponents but most are not.

There are four character qualities needed in a quality candidate:

  1. Properly motivated (to Serve the People)
  2. Integrity (keep his or her word)
  3. Civility (civil to members of the opposition)
  4. Intelligence (a far-sighted thinker and good problem solver)

There is now a tool available to voters as a Quality of Character Indicator.

The Term Limit Pledge, when signed, indicates that a candidate is properly motivated to serve the people. This is the first quality in the list above and the most important. The pledge, as an indicator, does not tell the whole story, but it points us in the right direction... the direction of good character.

Our country is rich in people who have these four qualities and yet, we continue to choose and elect self-serving candidates.

What a waste of our rich human resources!

Why do we do this? There are two reasons:

First; the media and the professional politicians (who thrive on conflict) have convinced many voters that who you elect is all about a candidate’s position on the issues. The word itself, “issues,” implies conflict. The fighting over the issues provides the pumped-up emotion and excitement that professional politicians and the media love. It is a charade. Many candidates have simply memorized a spiel on every given issue and glibly rattle it off with no intention of acting on what they are saying. It is what a representative does that matters, not what he or she says. A representative who is a quality person of good character will come to grips with a problem, create intelligent solutions, work civilly with the other side to craft compromises and finally, actually get things done for the American people!

The process of choosing a candidate, therefore should be threefold:

  1. character over issues
  2. character over issues and
  3. character over issues!

The second reason that we elect low-quality candidates is that the campaigning process has become so dirty.

We are all human. We have all made mistakes. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has some kind of skeleton tucked away in a closet. The media and the professional politicians have become so persistent in digging up dirt from the past that high quality people are put off running. Who wants every single mistake he or she has ever made dragged into the public view? I say, if people of quality love their country, they have to risk it. Here’s how it must be handled: If, for example, a candidate is exposed for using drugs at the age of 17, he or she must own up to it, and we the people must credit that candidate for being human and for owning up to a mistake. If dirt is being used against a candidate it must always be held against the candidate who is using it.

We the people of the United States of America are the leaders of this wonderful country, and it is our responsibility to choose candidates who are high quality human beings who will work together with intelligence, civility and integrity to serve the people.




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